Bionic Hunter v2.3.4

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The Year is 2236, vicious creatures have destroyed our home planet.

The few of us that survived have sworn to take revenge and make them pay.

You are one of us… let none live.. avenge humanity so we can thrive once again! 

 Bionic Hunter : Reloaded has the best graphics you have ever seen before on Quest

It’s an open world  Sci-Fi first person survival shooter.

Hunt creative and diverse amazing monsters. Beware, because many of them have magic properties.

Kill towering giants.

Use your weapons cleverly and tactically but also the special Magic pick ups will help you survive longer and conquer the top slots of the worldwide Leaderboards.

Take revenge for the devastation they brought to humanity.

The most apt and smartest will win.

Bionic Hunter exploits to the fullest the capabilities and hardware of Oculus Quest.

The whole experience, the mechanics and also the graphics are just like playing the game in Oculus Rift.

A PC VR experience in Quest!

All that with smooth motion and framerate!

Bionic Hunter Feature :

  • Support 90HZ
  • Dual Weapons
  • Free locomotion-Snap Turning
  • 12 Sci-Fi Weapons to choose  : (Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers, Rocket Launchers, etc.)
  • Gigantic Monsters and Parasites : (over 15 different enemy types with special Magic abilities)
  • 4 Levels from Medium to Planet Size! (Maps take place on different planets)
  • Latest Gen Graphics (GEN 4) and FX
  • Special Tactical Pick Ups
  • Unlimited Survival mode (play as long as you can survive!)
  • Outstanding Sound FX and Music Tracks!
  • Leaderboards to track your ranking among other players worldwide
  • Open World Maps




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