Captain Hardcore v0.4

Board your ship and explore the darkest reaches of the universe in search of the hottest and most depraved space sluts.

Bring them aboard your research vessel where you can customise their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high tech science chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ships Cyber-Masturbatorium – all in the name of science!

The deep space science vessel ‘Steel Penetrator’ has been custom built for this mission. On board you will find:

  • Bridge
  • Navigation area
  • Cargo/Shuttle bay
  • Biometrics lab
  • Experimentation Chamber
  • Cyber-Masturbatorium
  • Bedroom and living quarters

A wide range of sexual devices are being developed for this mission. Some might already be familiar to you, but a few are more high tech and experimental in nature. More details of these will be released as we make progress with our research.

So far the game contains:

  • Flexible dildo
  • Double ended flexible dildo
  • Non-flexible dildo
  • Two butt plugs
  • Candy cane
  • Jizz dildo (fluid simulation)
  • Piss dildo (fluid simulation)
  • Paddle
  • Zero gravity dildo
  • The Penetrator
  • Vibrator
  • Soft skin test


  • Basic implementation of VR and non VR controls/player systems
  • High-poly female character that will gradually be improved with customisation options added later
  • Working genitals
  • Realistic skin shaders
  • Realistic body fluid simulation (pee and cum)
  • Sandbox mode where you can pose characters and other objects/toys however you like to create custom scenes. The only limit is your imagination! Works in VR and non VR!
  • Create and save/load scenes in the Cyber-Masturbatorium
  • IK and physics based Animation system that allows the player to touch, grab and position characters however they want
  • Ship level design
  • VR and non VR user interface/interaction systems
  • Jiggle physics for tits/ass etc
  • 3D binaural audio
  • Graphics settings menu

In progress:

  • AI and full character animation/ interaction system
  • Facial animation system
  • Adding objects to the sandbox mode
  • Character hair customisation
  • Character clothing customisation
  • Character morph customisation


  • Male characters
  • Sex devices from toys to bondage gear, machines and restraints
  • Cinematic camera for taking screen shots
  • Quest system
  • Dialogue system
  • Use motion controllers to record animations to the characters
  • Library of animations that can be used on the characters in sandbox mode
  • A variety of different themed environments for the Cyber-Masturbatorium
  • Tech tree for unlocking new devices


Release Notes:

Full change list:

  • IMPROVED: Performance is improved by up to double on Q1 and 2. The stuttering that happened for the first 10 seconds is also fixed. Keeping the lights, clothing and furniture to a minimum helps with frame rate.
  • NEW: The performance increase made it possible to enable multiple characters. You’re now able to spawn up to five girls on Quest 2 and two on Quest 1. On Quest 1 performance starts to drop with 2 characters and on Quest 2 up to three can be spawned before the frame rate drops.
  • NEW: Ported the head IK from the PC version for better posing.
  • NEW: Ported the animation recording system from PC so you can animate characters by hand.
  • NEW: All objects, toys and lights can also be animated.
  • NEW: “Floating in Space” environment.
  • NEW: Added settings for hand visibility, collision and toggle grab so it’s now possible to use the controller with a fleshlight for hip tracking.
  • NEW: Added “Lock pose” setting for characters.
  • NEW: Added “Always hide” option for the IK points to help with immersion.
  • NEW: Added “position locked” setting for furniture (enabled by default). This stops you from grabbing things by accident and messing up the scene.
  • NEW: Lock access to the game with a pin code. Enter a 4 digit pin which will then be required to launch the game.
  • NEW: Oculus touch support for better player hand animation.
  • IMPROVED: Enabled deeper ass/pussy penetration so the larger toys from the PC version can be added in the future.
  • IMPROVED: Laser beam hides when grabbing.
  • Fixed: Bug where penetrator settings do not save.
  • Fixed: Bug where scene saving would not work the first time the game is launched after install.
  • Fixed: Bug where some morphs would reset after moving a character.
  • Fixed: Morph glitch when characters were blinking.
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yasu kanashi

Ive tried to redownload 3 times and im still not getting any luck if anyone could help it would be veeery helpful.

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