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OK everyone … I’ll make this as blunt as I possibly can.

STOP POSTING DIRECT LINKS to APK’s… post links to the page of the APK by all means BUT STOP POSTING DIRECT LINKS TO THE APK’s ..

Reasons :

  • If people continue to post direct links to our files on other websites/forums then we will have no option to password them, passwords will be randomly generated and will be basically a pain in the arse for everyone.
  • We WILL go back to being a private site and delete EVERYONE and start again
  • We will just completely shutdown

The ultimate choice is yours.



OK, I’m back to update you all on what’s going on, so lets kick it off…

The uptake on the FREE subscriptions has gone through the roof, we can’t say how many new subscribers we have but it’s in the low/mid 4 figures after 21 days…. so unfortunately we will have to close the FREE (well ALL) Subscriptions down at the end of the month or there’s a possibility of server crashes (and nobody will like that).

Don’t Worry if your reading this after the 01/06/2021, we are keeping tabs on everyone and there last logins, people WILL be purged after X amount of time of not logging in), so we will be opening up FREE subscriptions again (not sure when yet but we might be looking into some sort of waiting/mailing list).

So the (VR180) PORN issue has finally been resolved (if you haven’t already found out), it’s now open to every subscriber. Please make sure you are over 21 and have agreed to the T&C in the VR Porn Section. We are not to blame if you mom/girlfriend/wife/boyfriend catch’s you beating off, just know we are glad you cum to [DollarVR] 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Site Open, 2FA & going forward

OK, so the site is now 100% FREE (minus the VR Porn), FREE subscriptions are now available for everyone and last a whole year, we tried to make it longer but unfortunately the software has its limitations.

2FA (2 Factor Authentication) has now been enabled and it compulsory on all active accounts, we will give it 7 days and any inactive accounts will be purged, we’ve had to enable this security setting because there were just too many hacking attempts being made on multiple accounts, which will eventually lead to a site slow down as half the resources are dealing with these stupid people trying to hack. We can enable DDOS under attack mode but that again is counter productive, anyway it’s not a drama for all the members that genuinely want a FREE subscription.

Going forward, As you know there have been a few changes in the backroom with some staff leaving and new admins coming in and that is still happening, there will (for the time being) be less NEWS –me personally, I will be perusing other projects which I’m really excited about but I will still be keeping you all updated with the news as and when I can. So until next time .. Enjoy for FREE subscription 👍

:: EDIT ::

That was a bit quicker than I expected (It was suppose to be in 7 days), ALL user who were currently NOT on an active subscription have been deleted from our system (over 1700+). Just simply re-register for an account and a FREE subscription but only now you will have double security with 2FA.


Final Giveaway Winners Announced & Getting ready for a FREE site opening

If you haven’t already seen the banner at the top of the screen or you could be reading this at a later date.

DaveDave has some how managed to be picked at complete random and WON both Giveaways (Go and buy a lotto ticket) the lucky sod 🤣🤣 .. Emails have been sent to you with how to claim your prize.

FREE site update

OK, so where we are at, at the moment, we are due to start offering FREE subscription to everyone tomorrow (maybe later tonight) BUT depending on the uptake we might have to cap it as not to slow the site down too much. (we will see how it goes)..

Virtually EVERYTHING on the site will be available to everyone on a FREE subscription, except VR Porn (we still haven’t decided what to do with that yet but talks are still ongoing).

Before I forget : when you sign up for a FREE Subscription make sure to use code : FREE


2FA & real email address’s

Title of this update seems to tell you what’s going on 😁

2Factor Authentication and strong passwords will be added to ALL accounts when we move to a FREE site, you can either download an app for your mobile phone, use the codes that will be emailed to you when you set up 2FA and I think there’s another option but I can not remember off the top of my head. This is basically for extra security and it will stop everyone from the “opps I forgot my password– oooh!! I’ll just create another FREE account.”

Real email address – Verification on creating an account will be activated so if you put in a bogus email you won’t be able to create an account, I would advise everyone to check there spam/junk folder if you don’t receive the email and some email host will mark any email from us as spam and possibly completely block the email from being received, there’s nothing we can do about it and that issue will be between you and your provider. We will NOT be manually adding users as we did on occasions before.


Giveaway Winners

Since, there are going to be NO new subscribers entering the giveaways and therefore no new entries into the giveaways we are going to cut it short and announce the winners before the end of the month.


If you are one of the still active monthly, weekly subscribers (and there’s a hell of a lot of you that haven’t entered) … ENTER it now before we pick the winners.

— EDIT —

As of the 1st of May 2021 the Support ticket system will be obsolete and there will be NO WAY to contact us (all current contact email addresses will be deleted) , any current open tickets will be resolved, one way or another.. post comments will still work BUT we have been told to limit reply comments, I suppose it’s a small trade off for going FREE.

VR180 Porn might/probably will be getting completely removed from the site as there is now way to police it, we do have big issues with under age porn viewing, especially more so in VR…. It may become a paid add-on, we just don’t know yet, so if you were hoping for FREE VR Porn then move along, it’s a subject we are taking very seriously.


Drip, Drip, Drip ….

Some more small news, this is coming out like a leaking tap, drip, drip, drip….

We have an transitional opening date :

1st May 2021

So from writing this, that’s in 8 days .. let the countdown begin…

I’m not sure what will happen to the subscribers that are currently active on a monthly subscription BUT I will find out and report back ASAP.

— EDIT —

I’ve just been informed that DVR_Admin (one of them) will be releasing some content for FREE until the site transitions to a FREE site, starting Today with “Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife“, so Enjoy!!


Site Update

OK, again another brief update so everyone is caught up on what’s going on ..

Behind the scenes discussions have been NOT very productive to say the least, we are still wrangling all the details BUT what I can tell you is that [DollarVR] will be turning onto a FREE site for everyone to enjoy!!..

Everyone that was on an Auto-renew Subscription plan have now had there plan CANCELED, so there will be no future charges made. We still have a lot of members that have active Subscriptions so until there plans have passed at least 50%, the site will unfortunately stay LOCKED to new subscriptions.

Everyone entered into the Giveaways WILL still have a chance of winning and we will honour the 2 current active draws.

There is current talk that when we do transition into a FREE site EVERY MEMBER will have there account deleted for security purposes and everyone will have to register again and possibly adding 2FA to every account <—- Don’t hold me to that YET, (No drama its only a simple form)

At present that’s basically all the concrete information I can share at the moment.



I’m going to keep this brief, the site is currently CLOSED to NEW subscription, if your on an auto-renew subscription and you get billed you will get a refund and your account will be put on suspended until we can sort out all the disagreements we have regarding how we take the site forward, there are a lot of us that believe the site should be FREE for everyone and there are some that what to, well .. see below

As always I will keep you updated with this shit show once I have news.

NOTE: the site will still operate as normal with updates and new stuff, giveaway’s will also be won.


Update : To Yesterdays announcement

I’ve managed to speak to the powers that be and I have had official conformation that we are restructuring the [DollarVR] site, they did not say that there is a time frame on when all the changes will take place but I will share what information I can (as always) :

  • The FREE Download section is Axed, well it will be intergraded in to another section.
  • The subscription packages will be changing from 3 to 2 (a FREE and a paid package)
  • The FREE subscription package will consist of the : free download section, oculus GO section and oculus quest 3rd party section (which does include ALL the new oculus app-lab APK’s that are rolling out) of the [DollarVR] Website.
  • The paid subscription package will open up the rest of the sections : Oculus Quest, PCVR, XXX Porn
  • There will be a price increase and the subscription will only be for 1 week (Note: I did express my concerns to the powers that be about this option, I’m hoping this change will be open for further discussion at a later date)
  • Anyone on an Auto-renew daily/weekly/monthly subscription will be offered a one off FREE coupon (I have no information on the duration of the coupon, I’m guessing if it’s going down to a weekly subscription package it might only be a week)
  • The Giveaways are staying, they will just be restructured (not sure how that’s going to work but time will tell) and we will be adding a FREE giveaway for a paid subscription package to be won every week.

There are a lot of back-end changes, some admins are going and we have a couple of new admins coming in (all DVR-Admin) and YES I am staying 😁

NOTE : there is currently no time frame on when all these changes are going to take place but I’m assuming sooner rather than later, as always – as soon as I know, I will let you all know.


Interesting News

Ok, lets kick this off with all the update news, ok there isn’t any, like they say “No news is Good News”

So that’s not actually true, I’ve just been sent an email from the powers that be, that there might be a major change coming to the site, as always the details are very thin at the moment and I will dig deeper once if finished up here, but the email did mention removing the possibility of removing the “daily subscription” and opening up the “Oculus 3rd party software” for the Quest for FREE, yep I had to re-read it a few times to make sure it said FREE and that also would include all the Oculus App Lab content as well I would presume .. I know this is early days but if this happens then that’s going to be massive, that over 190 different content which you can possibly have for nothing..

I’m off to dig a little deeper 😃


OK , after a few morning coffee and a s*it load of discussion’s with other admins, I’m still none the wiser on what’s going on with the new structure of the site.

You may have noticed a private post on the main page (spiritualism????… don’t ask… oohh!! I forget you can’t) .. that currently is a heated sess-pool of OMFG .. I need sleep already.. you have no idea how hard it is to find out absolutely nothing, when nobody is saying anything .. ohh yea about the post , that’s everyone discussing #fighting about the email we all received this morning.

I will update as soon as I know more


SAD News, Interesing News & Quick test results

Sad News yesterday, that HRH Prince Philip (HRH = His Royal Highness) died aged 99 (so close to receiving his telegram from his wife the queen (It’s a GB thing), may he rest in piece, he was probably the ONLY member of the royal family who said what he meant and didn’t give a fuck if you took i the work way. if your black your black, if your white your white, the only person that cares is YOU.

Interesting news .. ooops I’ve forgotten (I will come back to that .. hahahahah)

Test Results :

We are not sure if you noticed but we ran an ads test for 24-36 hours… and the results are not what we expected …

So lets start off from the beginning, us lot (admins) got together and thought (well 2 out of ??)

Some admins thought that If we opened upon the site to everyone and offered all content for FREE the ad revenue would pay more then offering a subscription package (I’m not sure what drugs they were on at the time of this massive brain fart).. So we ran a test and it FAILED big time.. the simple test was if we removed the De-Adblock software on the site and replaced it with a message asking people to allow the ads we are running then people would be OK with that, hence generate more revenue .. yep it failed .. I cant tell you the exact amounts on the day to day comparison but it was down by at least 85% on the test day. (don’t get me wrong we are not making enough from ads to give up your day job but we are making enough to keep the lights on) .. NO admins to this date have received anything extra that any other paid subscriber has received.

NO one gets paid.. All the profit goes back into the site and at the end of the year it will be accumulated and discussions will take place as to best distribute them. giveaway, free subs, etc.


Good & Bad News Giveaway

OK, lets start off with the BAD News, the March Giveaway for OrbusVR : Reborn that John WON!! (see details further down the page), has NOT been claimed and we are awaiting a refund from Oculus, so bad news for John but GOOD NEWS… for everyone else because were going to run the Giveaway again, so you can believe us when we say the giveaways “Must be WON”.

The Giveaway is open to all subscribers and will run until the end of April 2021 and we will announce the random winner on around the 1st May 2021.

Good Luck!!


AMP Shelved, New Style Giveaway ?? and Giveaway Winner Announced

AMP — the guys sorting out the AMP part of the site are having a meltdown in getting the right combination working, they’ve said they’ve managed to get it fully functional on our test site but as soon as they implement it on our live site it starts breaking plugins, there a determined lot and I’m sure they’ll figure it out BUT for now it’s officially shelved until further notice.

There are rumbling AGAIN about maybe implementing a separate giveaway that requires you to pay to enter (not sure on prices but i would imagine it’s not much), the limited info I have received suggests that it maybe not for profit or very little profit made (% overall maybe), there’s also a possibility of more than 1 winner depending on how popular it is….. When I get more info, I will be sure to pass it on to you guys/gals.

The Monthly Members GiveAway Winner has been announced and the lucky devil that WON a copy of “Eleven Table Tennis” was “Nicolò Peroni” (Wonder if that’s his/her real name)… So well Done to you and enjoy!! ping pong.

This months Giveaway has already started and it’s “Population One”, this is a title worth $30 and someone WILL WIN a copy at the end of April, so Sign up and enter for your chance to WIN.


AMP Tweaks, ADS, Download Server Reply & Giveaway

OK, lets kick this off with some Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Tweaks, We have been messing around with the AMP pages, testing out new looks and other behind the scenes tweaks, so that’s now finished and the final results has been settled upon, so if you use your mobile browser to view the site you should now get the main page as normal but ALL posts will now be enhanced for faster load times and to be honest better viewing.


Google has graced us by lifting our BAN (even though they call it “Restricted Content”) on the ads we can show, so please in order to comply with google T&C, only click an ad if it is relevant to you and your interested in the ad, our mistake was some admins clicked ads that were relevant to them but google deemed it abuse and put a block on us showing ads, So as a NOTE TO ALL ADMINS : DON’T CLICK THE ADS


We’ve been working closely with our friends over sync.com on a few issues we are having with corrupt headers during the unpacking phase of some of our files, the outcome isn’t great but it’s a compromise and it works.

Firstly if you have a file that has a error when unpacking, try a different unpacking software (Winrar seems to works 99% of the time), If you use 7zip then scroll down this page a little bit and find the repair guide.

Sync recommends that ALL files over 5GB be put on a secure download, that seems to fix the issue BUT we’ve decided to put ALL files over 4GB as a secure download, simply because 4.8GB – 4.9GB file might end up corrupt and it’s not worth re-grabbing the file after we then have to put it on a secure download. Sync have reassured us that they are still working on a permanent fix and will get back to us ASAP, If they don’t it means we might have to think about moving servers. 😢


The FREE Monthly giveaway is coming to an end already (March has gone so fast) so if your a Monthly Subscriber, head on over to the page and enter, also remember to click the link in the email after you’ve entered to verify your email address, as always, we will send out emails to those that haven’t done this so please check your Spam/Junk folder.

:: EDIT ::

AMP has been disabled while we check a few more issues, it seems to be breaking some parts of the site.

DDOS has been enabled until the idiots go away and spam another site.


AMP Error

OK, so that happened 🤣🤣🤣

Yesterday we implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) but silly them (not me) didn’t run enough tests and it appeared to open up every paid subscription restricted content for FREE, so If you managed to be aware enough of this error you grabbed yourself a quite literally free 24 hour subscription… Hmm wonder if anyone was cleaver enough to enter the Giveaway (If you did then your in the draw, well done!) Suffice to say that issue has now been resolved and we have incorporated a hybrid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for the site.


AMP & File Server Issues

We’ve just added, well updated to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) so everyone can enjoy a lightning fast version of the site on your mobile device. It’s a very stripped down version of the [DollarVR] site aimed at speed and is now live on the website.

File Server Issues

This is just a quick update to keep everyone informed of the current issue on some files not unpacking correctly and giving out errors. Our file server host is aware of the issue and is currently running tests, We do recommend that you use 7zip to unpack all files and if you do run into an error then :

1st try to repair the damaged archive, there’s instructions on how to do this below:

Run CMD to Repair Invalid Zip Files

When you have tried the above solutions but still unable to extract 7z files correctly, you can run the Command Prompt on your system to repair or restore damaged 7-Zip files. To do this, take the simple steps below.

Step 1. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator

When opening the Command Prompt of your system, always remember to run it as an administrator because you’ll need deeper access to execute such a process. But opening “Command Prompt” varies with different Windows OS versions.

1. For  Windows 7, Vista, 8, and XP

  • Click on the Start button, navigate to All Programs >  Accessories.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.
run Command Prompt to fix 7-zip headers error

2. For Windows 8.1 and 10

  • Using your mouse, right-click on the Start button.
  • Choose the “Command Prompt (Admin)” option.
run Command Prompt in Windows 8.1 and 10

Step 2: Change the directories to the original location of your corrupted or damaged zip files.

Step 3: Next, type this command
 “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” –yf zipfile.zip

Step 4: Lastly, run the command by pressing Enter. Remember that “zipfile.zip” should be replaced with the name of your Zip file.

Source : https://www.anyrecover.com/deleted-files-recovery-data/7-zip-headers-error/#fix3

If the above doesn’t fix the issue then please contact us via the SUPPORT button and we will put the file on a secure transfer (which does not give out the error but is a slightly bit slower as it is more secure) until the issues are resolved.

NOTE: if you get ANY errors in VR180 files, these can be ignored as they will still play correctly.


Account BANS ,Lockouts & Updated T&C’s, File Unpack Issues

Account Bans

It gives me NO pleasure in having to inform you guys/gals that the powers that be are now actively Banning accounts and red flagging email address (paypal) & IP’s, what this means is if your paypal email is banned you can not subscribe unless you have a different email tied to your paypal account.

I would like to make it aware to everyone that “We DO NOT give tech support” for how to install/modify/hack/patch/crack or whatever term you would like to use on anything on the [DollarVR] Website, ALL linked files/images are for Research purposes ONLY and is offered as is, it is up to you to do your own research, we have placed guides in the HELP/FAQ section to help you on in your quest, that’s all.

NOTE: This is for legal reasons

Lockouts & T&C’s

Over the last few days there have been quite a few user lockouts (where users can not login), this is mainly due to account sharing. Trust me as I can’t stress this enough, we have put in place a system where ONLY 1 user login is allowed at any point on any machine, wither it by your PC, Tablet, Phone, Headset.

Example: you’ve logged on via your PC, you then log on via your Mobile phone, you will then instantly and automatically be logged out of your PC.

When you login to your account your IP address is logged within our system, when your IP address changes more than a few times in any given time frame (I’m not giving out numbers), that user becomes locked out and is then alerted for a closer inspection, That lockout will then become a INSTANT BAN, then you’ll have to contact us and explain why you have multiply IP addresses. Due to a few paypal disputes, we have worked closely with paypal in resolving this matter and been advised to add this to the T&C on the sign up page, to avoid any further issues in the future.

NOTE: If you have genuinely been locked out and can not reset your password and you can not contact us via the normal methods then you can always contact us via Paypal and we will always work with you to get you back up and running.

File Unpacking Issues

Over the last few weeks we have had a few complaints/issues from different users regarding unpacking certain files (not all). It’s a strange one, some users have issue’s unpacking them with “Bad Header error warning” (me included), so I have asked the team to only pack the file in the .rar format as this is the only format no one is currently having issues with, we are not sure if it could be the upload server corrupting the files during the upload process (thanks alex for pointing this out) we have sent a request to our upload server and are waiting a reply.

*** UPDATE ***

Forget the above .rar format, this issue seems to be with the file server and downloading, it’s corrupting the download some how, for now until we here back any reports of corrupt files will be up on a 256 secure download to ensure the file is download correctly, this will unfortunately result in a slightly slower download.


March Winners & General Update News

OK, lets start off by congratulating John & Remy for being picked at random by rafflepress, John WON a copy of OrbusVR : Reborn (prize has not been redeemed yet) and Remy WON a copy of Virtual Desktop (redeemed), so both of you – enjoy that, as always sign up for a month ($10 or less if your lucks in on the wheel) and you can enter the FREE monthly draw.

General Site News – Issues today, We had a rouge plugin that didn’t want to behave properly and made all the links disappear – thanks to the guys / girls who reported this issue, it took a bit longer than it should have done to find the rouge plugin but we got there in the end, other than that it’s been relatively quiet, and we like quiet 🤫


Almost forgot (actually I did forget), If your wondering why the site has a lot of blank white spaces in it at the moment, it’s because google adsense has decided to restrict us showings ad for a short time, hopefully that will be resolved in due course.


Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs, Ads, OC3, Oh and RiftS

It’s been a few weeks since we posted any news, it’s been a relatively busy fortnight, ok lets kick off.

You might have noticed during the last 2 weeks a few bugs popping up now and again (hopefully you haven’t), We been busy upgrading the backend of the site with security updates, new features and so on.

We now have a Translator built into the [DollarVR] Site and is accessible in the boom right of your screen, there are a fair few language’s to choose from so hopefully one of them is your native language.

OK the touchy subject, ADS … If you can remember back to the 12/22/2020 (below) when we said a few admins were, lets say “determined” to increase the price of the subscription packages (I’m not joking there was talk of upping the package’s to $5, $15 and $30).

THANKFULLY that was not an options for some of the admins 😉 and the only real alternative was to place AD’s on the site. Now “Google” has strictly stated that WE can not ask you to click an AD. So under NO circumstances are you to “CLICK AN AD!!” 🤣🤣🤣 .. if you were to “CLICK AN AD!!“, let’s say if it was relevant to you BUT ONLY if it is, it would helps us out massively and also keeps the cost of the subscriptions down, so we would just like to say a massive

OC3 – The Oculus Quest 3 is officially in production and will probably be released in 2022

A new Oculus VR headset — likely to be the Oculus Quest 3 — is seemingly in development, having been confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a January earnings call for the company. 

Though details of the project haven’t yet been officially confirmed, Zuckerberg told investors, “We’re continuing to work on new hardware [which] will fit the same platform, so the content that works on Quest 2 should be forward-compatible, so that we’re going to build one larger install base around the virtual reality headsets that we have.”

That makes it sound like the Facebook-owned Oculus is working on a successor to the Oculus Quest 2, which we described in our review as possibly “the best VR headset ever”. 

Information is scarce around what is likely the early stages of development for the project, but below you’ll find everything we know about the Oculus Quest 3, the state of VR and what we want to see from the upcoming device.


OK some good news if your a RiftS, HTC Vive, Valve Index or Windows Mix Reality owner, We are actively looking into adding a NEW Section to complement the already awesome collection of Quest APK’s, at present we are not sure if this will be another subscription tier and price BUT I for one am hopeful it might just be added to the monthly subscription package for FREE.

We will keep you updated.


OK so it’s not ALL Good News, the bad news is the VR180 Porn section will be removed from the Daily Subscription Package ASAP (so if your a daily subscriber, best hurry) and will only be accessible to Weekly and Monthly Subscribers, I know, I know, it’s an absolutely unbelievably popular part of the site BUT some admins feel the Daily Tier package is to strong compared to the other Tier packages.


Giveaway Winner Drawn

Congratulations to Coco for being randomly picked by the rafflepress program as the winner for Dash Dash World – January 2021 (I’m jealous 💚) , your email has been sent out with all the information to redeem your prize, you have until 2nd March 2021 to redeem you gift or [DollarVR] will be refunded and if that ever happens we will giveaway 2x the prize for April. 😊


Downtime & Update

In case you didn’t know we’ve had some unexpected downtime (2.5 days) and it’s been a complete nightmare.

The location where our private server is (was) has had a large fire which has destroyed over half of the building, we still don’t know if our old server is salvageable (I’m guessing it’s been destroyed). At present we can’t get much information and the information we have had we’re not releasing to the internet. It’s currently an ongoing law enforcement matter and that’s where we will leave that.

Anyway, were back and it was a massive effort (so thank you to all involved), we’ve had to source new hardware, install an OS, perform multiple file restorations, etc, etc, etc.

We still have some backend issues to fix and a few gremlins in the system to sort out, so there might be some sporadic downtime but we will try and keep it to a minimum whilst we fix the main issues.

We all at [DollarVR] want to say a big SORRY to you guys (and gals) for the downtime, we might do a one off, small give away for all subscribers next month to make it up for it. 😃


Scheduled Maintenance & Monthly Giveaway

We have pencilled in a large scheduled maintenance for Sunday 24th January 2021, Due to the complexity of the update and all the moving parts we have put a downtime estimate of upto 6 hours, if all goes well (which it never does), we should be back up and running within around an hour.

We had originally planned to do this update on the 08/01/2021 but that update turned out to be, lets just say… not to plan A (see below for details)

We can only apologise for the inconvenience.

Monthly Giveaway (monthly subscribers ONLY)

We are coming to the end of the month and someone WILL win a copy of Dash Dash World.

At the top of the page (the PINK bar) is a list of users who need to check there spam/junk folder and confirm there entry into the Giveaway or they will miss out on entering the Giveaway. If you can not find the email then get in touch using the CONTACT button on the top menu and we will resend the confirmation email again.


33% OFF & Spin-a-Win

Unfortunately the 33% OFF! New years offer has now expired, so congratulations if you took this offer up, you saved some cash and if you clicked the auto-renew button then you’ll keep on saving cash on your next months, weeks or even daily subscriptions until you stop.

If you didn’t!!, then well it looks like your paying FULL price if and when you sign-up/renew your subscription unless you can manage to grab a bargain on our NEW Coupon Wheel.

(Oh! I set that up well 🤣)

The Coupon Wheel

It a very straight forward game, it’s completely FREE to enter all you have to do is enter your name and email address and then spin the wheel.

Spins are seriously limited to 1 spin every 7 days, so when you have a spin-a-win or spin-a-loose the icon will disappear from you screen and will reappear when you can have another go BUT be quick because it doesn’t hang about for long and you might miss the opportunity to grab any of the offers :

  • 500 x 7% OFF
  • 350 x 13% OFF
  • 225 x 22% OFF
  • 100 x 34% OFF
  • 45 x 72% OFF
  • 15 x 97% OFF

Good Luck!!


Auto-renew & Contact us

Due to some subscribers not reading the and understanding the signup instruction that clearly stated :

NOTE: auto-renew is on by default, please untick if you do not want to renew automatically.”

We have removed the Tick in the check box, If you wish to auto-renew then please tick the box.

Example : you’ve taken a promo for 75% off a month ($2.50) and you’ve forgot to check the box, when your subscription expires and you renew, you will now pay full price ($10) and NOT the 75% off price you would have if auto-renew was checked.

We are sorry for this but having to deal with Payment gateways is not only time consuming & a hassle BUT then we have to start issuing bans for user accounts, ip address, emails.

Contact us

The contact us page has now been removed and replaced with a support ticket system, this new system will now stop the abuse we were receiving from outside ad companies and other idiots from spamming our email inbox.

If you do ever come across any issues on the [DollarVR] site and you need contact us then please use the support ticket system, It’s a lot easier for us to maintain and also offers 1to1 personal support and nothing gets lost in junk/spam email folders.

Please note: this system is currently available to ALL [DollarVR] members BUT if this system starts getting abused we will restrict it to Subscribers ONLY.


We’ve had a DMCA/copywrite complaint from the owners (who claim to be) of “exVRience Golf Club”, this isn’t the 1st time we’ve had complaints and I’m sure it wont be the last so for now that post has been suspended (on good faith), whilst we await to hear back from our legal contacts.

We’ve just had a brief discussion about this with some of the other site admins inn our group and what was interesting about the complaint was the way they’ve approached some of the wording on the [DollarVR] website to get around there copywrite claim. So as you go about you routine browse of the [DollarVR] website you might stumble across a few worded changes and a few site changes as well.

OK, the DMCA legal page is about to disappear.

(Back story)

The [DollarVR] Site was made for us by a kind admin who built and created the site in it’s stripped back form and then shipped it off to an undisclosed location where it now happily resides.

So the Digital Media Copywrite Act only applies to websites hosted in the USA. And since we are not that can go.

Patch updates:

As you’ve probably seen some of the newer posts have the words “*** NEW Patch fixes critical performance bugfix ***“, what this means is :

the APK has not been updated, so nothing has change in the sense of content updated. After the patcher’s had released the APK’s it became apparent that there were some issues with lag, crash’s, performance, etc.

So they’ve looked at the code, figured out what went wrong and then applied a new patch, hence the update.

This is what the [DollarVR] website is for, it’s an opportunity for you guys the subscribers to take apart, tinker, self educate, modify and improve on an APK . Unfortunately we aren’t allowed post any guides on how to do this or we would probably be shutdown. (hence the self educate)


Server Update Complete

The server update has now been completed and it didn’t go as planned (nothing ever does) 😭😭.

The new HDD arrived on time (thanks Amazon) BUT the package was extremely damaged, (I was told, it looked like it had been kicked about the warehouse floor).

The software side of the upgrade went as it was suppose to, the old HDD was imaged, and then re-imaged to the new HDD. When we plugged in the new HDD, it seems work find on the surface but after running a few tests it became clear that it had major R+W issues (probably due to arriving damaged).

So one of the admins had to run out and buy one from a store in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, unsurprisingly it was very difficult to locate and especially where the guys live, it’s a very tight lockdown area .. So well done for actually finding somewhere open that sold the right HDD and not getting a fine. It was a little bit (a lot) more expensive than the Amazon one but it was needed and our timeframe to do the upgrade was running out.

So yea, there you go a simple ‘ish 1-2 hour upgrade turned into a 5-6 hour nightmare.

Well done [DollarVR] Team 😂


Announced Server Upgrade & Downtime

We mentioned before Xmas regarding a possible server upgrade (28/11/2021 below), We are now in need of a HDD upgrade and some other bits and bobs.

This will unfortunately result in some server downtime (shame it wasn’t today, there’s not much going on in the VR world).

At present we have no idea how long it will take as we have to backup the website, systems files, etc, then image the disk and then make a hardware change, re-image, run tests and then more tests, blar, blar, blar BUT we are hopeful it wont take too long, we have a great team in charge of the server upgrade.

As of right now there is no set time and date on when this will happen (still waiting for parts to arrive) but we do know it will be within the next few days, we will as always keep you right up to date with all the news as soon as we have it.

We wish to convey our apologies and we are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause but this is a must happen server upgrade.


Visual Changes and Fixes

We’ve had a small issue with the registration page looking a little bit out of alignment and generally not looking how it should, So we’ve decided to completely change it. We’ve also added a nice little graphic and a choice of packages available to choose from before you register or upgrade as a [DollarVR] member.

We’ve also fixed the Subscriptions page, that too was looking strange and it will now display your current subscription package and all pervious subscription packages you have had. You can view this in ACCOUNT –> MY SUBSCRIPTIONS


HTTPS Server Upgrade

We have successfully updated the [DollarVR] site security and have now been added to the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list.

HSTS is a web security policy mechanism that helps to protect websites against man-in-the-middle attacks such as protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.

It allows web servers to declare that web browsers (or other complying user agents) should automatically interact with it using only HTTPS connections, which provide Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL), unlike the insecure HTTP used alone.

Most major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE 11 and Edge) also have HSTS preload lists based on the Chrome list. (See the HSTS compatibility matrix.)

Thankfully we didn’t break the site, but more importantly everyone that uses the [DollarVR] site can feel safe knowing that there connection to us is 100% secure and now we ONLY use HTTPS (HTTP has now been disabled).

Poll Results

As you know we have been running a Poll named “ADD A STEAM/RIFT VR SECTION ?” , pretty self explanatory really 😆

The Results are in :

Poll Results @ [DollarVR.com]

Unfortunately there was no clear out-and-out winner, the “YES” vote did win BUT only by 4 votes, So for the time being we have decided we are putting this poll on hold but may (probably will) re-run it again at a later date. We want to thank everyone that took the time out to vote, so Thank You! ALL.


Happy New Year, Security & Site Updates

Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year (It has to be better one than last year).

Security update:

It has emerged that some subscribers have been logging in from multiple
IP’s at the same time. After a thorough Security check we have concluded that the offending subscribers have been sharing there login details with others and as a result have now had there account terminated. ALL Static IP address that have been used in this matter have been banned (unfortunately we can not ban all IP’s as some of them were dynamic IP’s and some where behind a VPN and it’s pointless to ban VPN IP address).

As a result of the above we have implemented one login session per account.

What the means is that If you login from your 1st device (desktop PC) and then login in from a 2nd device (any other device) without logging out from your 1st device you will be logged out from of your 1st device automatically.

Please Note: Our system logs IP’s of ALL logins and automatically informs us of any suspicious behaviour and WE DO Investigate.

Site Update

On a better more lighter tone now 😊

A 33% OFF Site wide subscription is now on as we celebrate the New Year and is valid for ALL Subscriptions packages until the 17th January 2021

  • Daily Subscription is now $0.67
  • Weekly Subscription is now $2.68
  • Monthly Subscription is now $6.70

This offer is valid for the duration of your subscription so leave the “auto-renew” box ticked and you’ll have that price guaranteed until you cancel it. (I’m not making that mistake again 🤣🤣).

Apply code “HAPPYNEWYEAR” at checkout

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