There are a few ways to subscribe or renew your subscription, you can either :
  • When you 1st registered on [DollarVR.com] you are asked to fill in a few simple details ➽ HERE
  • After you have subscribed and your subscription has expired you can go back to the page above and choose a new subscription package or you can go to any of the posts on the site and click on the Padlock image to register, renew or upgrade.
How do I install the APK's and get them to work ?
We have put together multiple complete step by step guides for you to follow (seriously you can’t go wrong), take a look ➽ HERE
Why do I get an error when updating an APK that's already installed ?
This is an inconvenient issue and can be resolved by reading the “KNOWN ISSUES” section in the SidequestVR install guide. ➽ HERE
How do I uninstall games without deleting my saved data ?

You can use “SidequestVR” to backup saved game files or you can use an “adb” command :

adb shell pm uninstall -k PACKAGE_NAME

Where you replace PACKAGE_NAME with the appropriate package name of the app.

Example :  To uninstall “First Contact” you would run this command:

adb shell pm uninstall -k com.Oculus.FirstContact

How can I see all the installed APK's, just like in my quest library ?

There is a new method to get the APK’s to function correctly on the Oculus Quest 1 and also the Oculus Quest 2, more information about the new method can be found in the Installation guide page. ➽ HERE 

Why do the most recent / new APK's no longer work on the quest 1 or quest 2 ?

In order for the most recent APK to work correctly you will need the following:

Patched username Config for Oculus Quest 1 and 2 (needed for Online play/testing) and 90hz and custom hz refresh rate on Oculus Quest 2 ONLY

Can Oculus track what I do and play ?

The short answer is yes, it is referred to as “Telemetry“. The Quest come preloaded with services for tracking game activity, play time, friends list, sideloaded games, store library games, etc.

You can disable telemetry anytime using the adb software, adb comes pre-packaged in other software such as SidequestVR & Auto-Installer, if you don’t have either then you can download adb.exe below :


You will need to run “adb” in command prompt with the following commands :

adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.oculus.unifiedtelemetry
adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.oculus.gatekeeperservice
adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.oculus.notification_proxy
adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.oculus.bugreporter
adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.oculus.os.logcollector
adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.oculus.appsafety

NOTE : You will have to disable telemetry again after a firmware update or a factory reset.

NOTE: At present this no long works with firmware v25, we will update when we have it.

What else can I do to stay safe while playing ?

You can safely block the following domains using a pi-hole device or a router (see. router manual) to stop further tracking from Oculus’s app’s and service’s :


NOTE: Blocking “graph.facebook.com” will stop Oculus Venues from working.

I'm a Subscriber but I can't Download some files ?

Due to Subscribers selling and posting direct links to our files on various forums we have had no option but to introduced a limit to how many times any link can be download before it becomes a broken link.

If you are unfortunate enough to come across any broken links then please contact us and we will fix it (and extend your subscription as an apology and a thank you)

Note: this is only a temporary solution a more permanent solution will be implemented when we have time.

Why was my DollarVR Account Deleted ?

From time to time we need to purge accounts for the following reasons :

  • Security reasons
  • Account inactivity (non-subscribers)
  • Decluttering
  • FREE Giveaway entries

We DO NOT delete accounts of Subscribers, either current or expired and we DO NOT sell your email address’s unlike some other sites.

Can Oculus ban my Quest ?

Oculus can ban your account from using the developer mode.

They have a mechanism in place where they would flag your account for piracy and then generate a token file from within your Quest (amply named the “killswitch_token“). As long as this “killswitch_token” is present in your device it will be impossible to enable the developer mode (since when you connect your Oculus phone app to enable developer mode, it will check for the presence of the token on the Quest and deny enabling developer mode). You could still however, use your device with a new account or a test account (see. https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/test-users/) but you cannot enable developer mode anymore and cannot sideload anything through adb or the SidequestVR app.

What is Keymapper for QAL ?

Keymapper is a small utility that when enabled it will launch Quest App Launcher, just by holding either the Volume UP or DOWN button.

The FULL Guide can be found Here ⤐ HERE

How can I add custom songs for Beat Saber ?

You need to install BMBF

The FULL Guide can be found Here ⤐ HERE

The APK Crash's As soon as it Starts

This is sometimes due to an install not finishing correctly.

If this happens we suggest

  • SidequestVR” shows the green finished status bar after the install but your pc has not caught up :-

FIX : Wait 30-60 seconds after install has completed.

  • Autoinstall2” has not copied all files in the OBB Folder (.PAK files) :-

FIX : Manually copy the files to the Headset via Windows Explorer or Similar software, or use “SidequestVR” to copy the files.

The APK Works once then Crashes

This is due to a corrupt install.

Use “Autoinstall2” to install the APK / OBB to correct this issue or use ADB command line. (Linux & MAC)

  1. Uninstall corrupt APK
  2. Hard REBOOT Headset (HOLD BOTH Power button & the + Volume Button) and reboot from bootloader.
  3. Install with “Autoinstall2” or ADB (use Google for correct parameters)
The APK Works and then Crashes to the in game menu

This can happen from time to time ONLY on APK’s that have OBB files, it seems as though the OBB file/s do not get copied correctly via AutoInstaller2 or SideQuestVR.

When this happens its best to copy the OBB folder (with the OBB files inside it) to your Quest’s OBB Directory.

Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\obb” <– Windows Location

Do you have any guides for RiftS / Steam

All Guides can be found HERE

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