Pigasus VR Media Player v3.4.2.80


Pigasus is a feature rich universal media player that supports networked streaming of media from UPNP/DLNA media servers and Samba shares as well as local playback from your device’s internal storage.

Access, setup and enjoy your media the way you want it.

Pigasus supports playback of 2D/3D/Surround 360 and 180 videos and images, audio streaming playback and a host of other features optimized for a comfortable VR viewing experience.

Some of Pigasus’ features include:

  • Playback of all media types (i.e. video, audio and images)
  • Supports streaming of network shared media (UPNP/DLNA media servers and Samba shares)
  • Playback of 2D, 3D, surround 180 and 360 degree videos and images
  • Adjustable re-orientation and zooming of 180/360 surround content
  • Subtitle and audio track support for videos Please see the Pigasus

FAQ for additional feature support, information and help: https://hanginghatstudios.com/pigasus-faq

Patch Notes:

v3.4.2 – Release Notes
– was a little too hasty in reverting the video decoder library in the last update. Putting it back to latest build again.

v3.4.1 – Release Notes: Minor update
– revert internal libVLC video decoder library to previous build as some people are reporting SMB playback issues on this newer decoder library still.
– added a potential safeguard to MPO file processing to catch and avoid crash due to corrupted byte data on bad mpo files.

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