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How to use Steam Emulators and Oculus bypass

There are mostly two types of VR games, Steam games (usually referred to as steamrip) and Oculus store games. To play steam games you’ll need steam emulators, to play Oculus store games you’ll need Standard bypass (an old hacked version of Revive) or LibOVR bypass (a hacked version of LibOVRPlatform64_1.dll used by oculus runtimes).

Steam emulators

There are steam emulators from scene groups known as CODEX, Darkseiders, 3DM, Ali213 emu etc.

The purpose is to bypass ownership check DRM from steam, these do not work with Oculus store games.

These emulators consist of only modified steam_api.dll, steam_api64.dll and ini config files for corresponding dlls.

To use them on the game:

  • First find the location of steam_api.dll/steam_api64.dll inside the game folder.
  • Now copy the emu dll and ini files and replace the original ones (backup them first if you want).

This will basically make your steam game cracked in a very easy way.

Sometimes you may need to edit the emu ini files to add Appid, DLC id (to unlock DLC) to make the game load properly.

These emus may not always work though, especially when there are other DRMs applied into the game, only applicable for those games with basic steam DRM only.

Most of the steam VR games uses only basic steam DRM, so emu like Ali213 can be applied almost universally on all of them.

You may wanna check out the Ali213 emu installer below if you don’t wanna copy-paste the emu files on each game every time.,

There is another steam emulator called SmartSteam Emulator (SSE), which is needed to be extracted directly into the game folder (where the game launcher exe is).

SSE also only bypass basic ownership steam DRM.

You launch SSE launcher and drag-drop the game launcher exe into it and it will popup configuration windows where you can set appid, DLC etc.

From SSE launcher you can launch the game bypassing the steam as well.

Oculus bypasses

Oculus store games don’t use the steam DRM so obviously, you need a different cracking solution.

There are Oculus DRM bypasses which were mostly invented by the original Revive authors (KosPy, I believe?) back in the early days of Revive development.

Both coded bypass on Revive and hacked LibOVRPlatform64_1.dll were distributed through Revive github initially.

However, later all those DRM bypasses were removed from Revive for their usage on Piracy.

You can now mostly find the derivatives of those bypasses in the form of Jarvis Bypass (aka Standard Bypass) and LibOVR Bypass.

Please note Oculus bypasses don’t work for Steam games.

To use Jarvis bypass (there are three variants available for Rift and Vive HMD, test them out whichever works for the game), extract them where the game launcher exe is in (either in root folder of the game, or inside \Binaries\Win64\ ), then drag-drop the launcher exe over ReviveInjector_x64.exe (or ReviveInjector_xx8.exe in some cases).

To use the LibOVR bypass just copy over the LibOVRPlatform64_1.dll into the folder where the game launcher exe is in.

Files you may need

3DM Emu


Ali213 emuNOTE : Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C88 is detected inside this file, it’s suppose to be there as part of the bypass.

NOTE for ALI213 :

  • Do not forget to add correct AppID and API into the SteamConfig.ini if you use ALI213.
  • You can find AppID at https://steamdb.info/app/619500/
  • You can find API inside properties of original steam_api64.dll

Cream Installer

Emu installer by GPL

Steamworks FIX


SSE Life-support Plugin

Steamless by Atom0s

LibOVR bypass: v1 v2

Gammon Oculus Emulator


Goldberg Steam Emulator

Steam Auto Patchersteam auto cracker that will apply Goldberg, run steamless and crack all DLC – and all within 2 clicks (3 if you count the double click as 2), also included in the file is the APPID searcher tool.

NOTE: If the game crashes, then re-patch with another emu.

GreenLuma 2020



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