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DOWNLOAD ERRORS : Our server host has suspended our account and we have no back ups, so don’t bother posting for a re-upload.



as you can see we have another FREE giveaway going for the next 7 days, this is FREE FOR EVERYONE to enter members & guests, so Good luck to ALL.

We had a Members ONLY poll going, on the main page – we were interested to see how many members actually pay attention and either read the site news page or actually payed attention to the main page and were not here just here to Hit and Run, We had a massive 6 …. yes 6 members voted out of 745 active members.

So we have scrapped the idea of rewarding members with dedicated google drive access….. BUT we are looking into maybe giving members DIRECT access to the site we use for uploads and then you can choose which provider you want to download from, rather than having to take pot luck on the download links……. Maybe

We have started to introduce PCVR title back onto the site (The VR Porn Section looks like it wont be coming back), this time we are NOT specifying that it “Works with Goldberg,ALI213, ETC..” you will have to try it out for yourselves, we can tell you most of the files are steam rips so ALI213 should work BUT we will put on every post if it’s not a steam rip.

ALL information regarding PCVR can be found in the HELP/FAQ section of the site.

-=*=- EDIT -=*=-

We have added a Terms & Conditions popup to the site. The T&C will show up every 72 hours for guests and only once for members.



Sorry, we’ve had some slight downtime due to a server misconfiguration, the issue has been address and should now be fixed.



As you may have noticed there have been a few login issues over the last week, I have been assured that these issues have now been resolved, so I’m optimistic that even I can now login 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 

The Quick Giveaway was WON by Bartłomiej (and redeemed already), enjoy throwing them darts (just not at real people).

As you have already seen by the pop up you can now choose the Giveaway prize for FEB 2022, We do urge you to take a minute or 2 and just participate in the vote, if you closed it and haven’t had your vote then here is another chance for you to vote below.




We are currently looking at how we can best fit the needs of our members..

Members benefits currently include :

  • A Chat wall
  • Monthly FREE Giveaways
  • Only members can reply to posts

Not bad for just creating an account… so we were looking into drip feeding new content to members only, then after a certain time release content to everyone else but we think that’s a bit unfair considering members aren’t actually paying for a service. So we are thinking of opening a members ONLY GoogleDrive account so members can download at max speed, thus avoiding the free slow’ish download servers.

We will run a poll and see what everyone thinks.

NOTE: This POLL is for Members ONLY

Google Drive For Members ONLY ?

The poll has expired!

-=*=- EDIT -=*=-

We have added the poll to the main page for easy access and so you can also see the result.



We have fix a slight error in where clicking the NEWS page would some how revert you to the login page.. no idea, don’t ask .. it’s been fixed.

-=*=- EDIT -=*=-

I have literally just been CC in an email from from MySQL, I won’t go into detail because it’s very technical and to be honest It’s beyond my level of comprehension BUT they are saying it’s not there fault, it’s a server misconfiguration user error fault .. I suppose it’s like “Novak Djokovic” not being able to complete his own paperwork or doing an interview when he knew he had covid-19 (I’ve got Covid-19 BUT I’m sure you’ll be fine) or perhaps it was like “Boris Johnson” going to a party that was actually a work event (with wine and cheese) or maybe it was like “Donald trump” saying don’t storm congress but FUCK yea do it anyway.

-=*=- EDIT2 -=*=-

It has been brought to our attention that EVERYONE want’s something for nothing and MOST want it on a plate.

We have now just increased the wait time for you to download anything from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, please be aware that hosting a website is not FREE, regardless of our time and effort, we do actually need real money to pay for hosting bills — you know to keep the lights on… so to speak —

I’m pretty sure you can all read between the lines BUT if you can’t then the 60 seconds will stay indefinitely.

-=*=- EDIT3 -=*=-


We have just been told that we should add the T&C (terms and conditions) in plain view for everyone to view.

We have added the T&C to the main page on the left hand side (you can’t miss it), we (the other lot) suggest you read it and if you have any problems with them or don’t agree with them then.. google is your friend.



We have had some server downtime over the last couple of days, We can explain the downtime on the 11th which was down to a MySQL database server update which somehow reset all the current settings regarding backups to an unknown configuration (It wasn’t a hack, it’s just an anomaly – we have reached out to MySQL and are awaiting a reply) , it stated backing up 100meg baklog’s every 60 seconds, so after a fair few hours it literally had eaten up all the server storage and then because it could no longer back up, just… well basically stopped working.

We had some downtime this morning, a server error which then kept restarting the server several times (bare in mind it take about 5-10 minutes to restart the server, so I’m informed), the server admins are looking into it BUT are fairly (I say fairly because I have no idea) it was a bad update/patch and the server reverted to a previous version (So in a word…. it fixed itself).

It never rains but it pours…. Lets hope for a dry spell.


RETHINK 2022 v1

We have called it v1 because we will change or minds at some point …

OK …. so …. after everyone has been done with the holidays and are now in a sort of good frame of mind (I’m sure there were one or two admins still recovering .. no judgement here), it has been decided that the membership to join our family (DollarVR) should be a lot harder to join .. good news for you lot that are already members but bad news for everyone trying to join.

The time scope to join for new members will now drop from 7-10 days to 24-36 hours and the rules still apply, if you register and don’t log in to your account, it will be deleted.

In future all WINNERS of the giveaway emails will be checked to make sure they are still a member and not just a join to win fake mail bullshit, so if you have entered with a different email (WHY!!) …. you WILL NOT win.



We have just added new software that has now changed ALL current registered members to a FREE members plan … Don’t stress were not going back to being a paid site, we have done this to make the site accessible to EVERYONE.

-=*=- EDIT -=*=-

The post wall on the main page is also ONLY for registered members.

The site is now open for all to enjoy, the only page/post that is restricted for Members is the giveaway page, we have decided to ONLY open new member registrations after the giveaways have finished.


MEMBERS ONLY GIVEAWAY will run for 3 weeks of the month (so for JANUARY it’s the 1st til the 22nd)… when the giveaway finishes and the winner has been drawn we will open NEW member registration’s for 1 week or so (until the end of the month), then we will SHUT DOWN the registration. RUN FEBUARYS GIVEAWAY and then re-open the registration ONCE that giveaway has finished, and so, and so.



OK, I’ve sobered up now (ish), I just want to wish everyone here at DollarVR, A VERY happy new year, let us hope this year, is a year to remember.. I know the last few years have been ……… fucking awful for some people (myself included, I lost someone that was irreplaceable to me) BUT we have to carry on, do the daily grind and just hope to god it won’t get any worse and if it does well then, SHIT we have to deal with what is thrown at us and just keep moving forward, just remember your not alone in this.


Registration is now closed until the 22nd of January (I think) .. this is because of the giveaway. The giveaway is for you Guys/Gals the members .. when we opened it up last year for everyone to enter, literally that is what happened everyone joined JUST for the giveaway (see previous post below) .. fucking vultures. So we will see how January Giveaway goes with shutting new member registration down for 3 weeks and then we will reassess. We are not here to make money, unlike like a lot of sites out there BUT to keep this site up and running and provide our current and future members we need to show/click the ads.

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