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Terms & Conditions

All the terms & conditions set out below are subject to change and it is up to you (the user/guest) to keep yourself informed of any new additions of the T&C which can be found on the main page of the DollarVR website.

If you do not agree to the T&C set out below then you should NOT view or create an account on the [DollarVR] website and should leave immediately.

  1. I agree that the [DollarVR] owners and staff do not host any illegal content of any kind and the [DollarVR] Website is for research and library use ONLY.
  2. I agree that ALL material (text, images, video, comments, chat, etc) are here only as a guide and [DollarVR] has NO control over what I do with said material.
  3. I agree that any files that may or may not be linked to download are for RESEARCH & LIBARY PURPOSES ONLY and that I must delete said files in a satisfactory time to avoid any copywrite infringement and shall not redistributed said file for any reason.
  4. I agree that [DollarVR] will take absolutely no blame what-so-ever for any misuse of files.
  5. I agree that [DollarVR] will take absolutely no blame what-so-ever for any hardware or software failure that might/may occur whilst using said files, thus making [DollarVR] NOT liable for anything.
  6. I acknowledge that [DollarVR] is a hacking and learning website and that some files may have been modified ONLY to show/teach me and learn/understand the process of file modification/hacking and that it is my responsibility to delete said files as soon as reasonably possible.
  7. I understand that [DollarVR] offers absolutely NO support/help for installing or hacking/patching and that my account may be terminated if I persistently ask for help/support.
  8. I agree that I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions and I am happy to proceed.
  9. I acknowledge that my account may/will be automatically deleted if I do not login after 30 days from my last login.